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Acolyte of the Holy Triumvirate [userpic]
You Have No Idea What You've Done (fic)
by Acolyte of the Holy Triumvirate (everybetty)
at July 10th, 2008 (01:58 am)

AUTHOR: everybetty
RECIPIENT: ltcoljsheppard
SUMMARY: A false step lands John and Teyla in a unexpected place.
RATING: Um, hard R? to be safe
WHAT IT IS: Friendship. Sex. Verges on PWP. Set S3ish. Sheyla if you want it to be, UST if that’s how you read it. Shippers and non-shippers will find something to work with in here. Hopefully, a fulfillment of its recipient’s request.
WHAT IT‘S NOT: Angsty. Whumpy (wow, look at me stretch!). To be taken seriously.
SPOILERS/Warnings: None
PROMPT: The title. 

Just under the wire... if I lived in Guam, perhaps.  BIG Thanks to my pre-screeners, kristen and renee'.  They held my hand as I struggled with my first shmutty Sheppard fic :P